Plants and Equipments

Plants and Equipments

PILETECH LIMITED equipment includes the following:

3 Nos. Percussion drilling Rig

2 NO CFA CM 48 Drilling machine

1 Nos. Dutch cone penetrometer Machine (2.5 Tons testing   Capacity)

1 No.  Dutch cone penetrometer machine (10 Tons testing Capacity)

6 Nos. Rotary Mechanical drilling Rig.

2 Nos Concrete pumps

1 NO. Bored pile drilling rig

2 No. Mixing Machine.

1 NO. Crane (RB 22)

1 No. Welding Set (Self generated).

Access to fully equipped Laboratories.

10 Nos. Pumping Machine.

1 No Poker Vibrator.

1 No. Engineer’s Dumping Level.